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  • Women’s Workout Leggings, Seamless Leggings, Yoga Pants, Tights

    • Material: Spandex + Polyester
    • Line Material: 100% Polyester Lining
    • Fabric Type: Knitted
    • Seam: Seamless
    • Length: Ankle-Length
    • Hip-Style: Booty Lifting
    • Waist Type: High
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  • Women’s High Waist Winter Warm Leggings, Velvet Leggings, Fleece Lined Leggings

    • Material: Fleece Material
    • Line Material: Velvet Lining
    • Fabric Type: Knitted
    • Seam: Seamless
    • Length: Ankle-Length
    • Hip-Style: Regular
    • Waist Type: High
    7-day-delivery 7-Day Delivery Free Shipping

Seamless Fitness Women Leggings- Lift it your way!

When it comes to giving fashion junkies a shoutout call, Faboulish assures them to give the loud one. The top-tier women brand, Faboulish offers a sassy, colorful, and playful collection of high waist seamless leggings. Our designers strive to set your styling spirit with the hues and styles, inspired by the fashion trends of France and European countries that have sassy fashion trends. Faboulish, being a top-notch brand of the rag trade, sells custom-made seamless fitness leggings, high waist long pants, and sport girl leggings.

Turn-Off Fat into Fit Women Gym Yoga Seamless Pants

If you are looking for motivation and willing to make your workout time more interesting then choose butt lifting pair of legging from Faboulish and turn your diva mode on along with your workout time. Your wardrobe basics could give you a tough gym time though, to keep it easy-peasy we are designing comfy yet stylish fashion patchwork print high waist elastic push-up ankle-length polyester leggings that would turn your burn-out time more cool and comfortable. Dress in more killer looks, turn off your fat in tights yoga pants women, and make them all go crazy for your sassy looks!

What else can team up your gym squad than a pair of butt-lifting leggings? Highly demanding fashion designers are customizing pants that are trending for their good quality, unique design. We have a stack of designers who are experts in tailoring seamless high waist leggings breathable gym fitness push-up clothing collection. If you wish to try something extraordinary from your seasonal workout look then no other platform could be as best as Faboulish is. It’s time to upgrade your gym wardrobe and to make your workout time flaunting.

Faboulish Designers Styling Her Leggings

Here, we are giving a loud call to all trendsetters because our designers are taking one step ahead with oh-so-sassy and trendy leggings. Though, we are emphasizing more on the trend and style than just a need. In our offered collection, designers of Faboulish, along with sportswomen fitness running gym pants and push-up leggings sportswomen fitness running pants, have launched a collection of leggings that can be paired with your everyday look. Be it your short skirt or either knee-down dress, the leggings are designed to be perfect-to-go wow in. Now you can twirl in your favorite without hesitation or can even hang upside down in your short skirts.

Now you can style up your white tee with crisp texture with a pair of leggings to create a classic yet casual style statement. Even if you don’t want to compromise on your fashion tones on bloomy winter days then no need to worry. Get your hands on our leggings and complement them with your long sweaters to create a super-sassy winter look and how someone can skip matching black leggings with vibrant hues. Keep it bold and chic with the stylish leggings of Faboulish and turn your diva mode on!

We Are Keeping It Fabulously Slim-fit & Long

To all the ones who like going sassy without compromising on their sophisticated persona. In that case, no need to throw out all your favorite knee-length dresses and short skirts. Our finely tailored women leggings bubble butt push-up fitness leggings will help you in maintaining your decency while putting your diva persona a high mode.

At your upcoming party, take our that oh-so-sassy dress, complement it with long-length leggings custom by our top-notch designers, pair it up with your high heels, and hit the floor just like a lady boss! Boost up your boldness with our leggings because we have got you and your legs covered with seamless butt push-up leggings.

A Fashion That Never Gets Outdated

Whether you want to opt for the sports luxe, seamless yoga pants, or even for the snug cotton one, leggings can complement your style in any way you want. They say ‘leggings is an ever-green fashion’ and the designers of Faboulish second this thought. Leggings are not just the go-to solution for fashion junkies but, it’s a comfort stake that can be transformed into a real-fashion icon anytime. Be it summer seasons or breezy winter nights, our custom-made leggings will complement your gorgeousness in any of the seasons you want. All that matters is, the way you carry it!

Our collection of butt push-up leggings is an utter wardrobe essential. This time, do not only pick the black one, instead, but be also confident enough to choose colors and pair them with aesthetically. The hue palette that the designers of Faboulish have chosen is fused with the finest shades that can elevate your style statement gracefully. We not only focus on setting fashion trends but, equally pay heed to provide comfort to our potential customers. Finding comfort without giving up on fashion tones is one of the biggest struggles for women and Faboulish is assuring to keep this ‘giving up’ thing away from your wardrobes and fashion aesthetics. So, if you are willing to pull out your feminine look and wish to catch the spotlight with your oh-so-gorgeous style then no other option could be as perfect as leggings are. If you want to keep it in between simple and bold then make sure to upgrade your wardrobe without the latest leggings collection.

Bold And Comfortable- Beat Your Booty!

Legging designers of Faboulish not only pay heed to styles only, comfort always comes first our team keep your ‘comfort’ in designed clothes as the first rule of manufacture. There could occur hundreds of events where you might not prefer wearing tight jeans. To save you from such uncertainty, we are striking back in the fashion industry with the ever-green leggings trend that you can carry anywhere. Be it your formal parties, work-out hours, to kitty date nights; now you do not have to stuck in your blue and black jeans only. It’s time to get bold with flying colors!

Not only this, if you are expecting to grow your family two feet apart and have stuck with limited choices of styles then be the first one to get your hands on our stylish leggings. When it comes to designing a new collection, our designers assure to cover all. Even if you are pregnant, have a sporty persona, like styling up in diva mode, or wish to keep your styling sense with the fusion of sophistication and sassy tones; at Faboulish you can get all that you want.

Insanely Comfortable

Before our manufacturing team gets involved in the production process, our team of quality assistance makes sure that the fabric is breathable and durable. In our tailored leggings, we use form-fitted material that shapes out your body in the sassiest way while assuring your comfort and durability. Our expert designers keep its alignment at a four-way stretch that makes it easy for women to move in any perspective, without worrying about being embarrassed. Pull out your feminine side from your burn-out hours, jogging time, morning exercises, or even with your high-heels.

Cellulite Busting

We keep the shape-wear of leggings not only comfortable but, we design it in a way that lifts your hips and helps in shaping out your legs in a more chic style. Your tight jeans can keep it all together but they can surely not shape out your thighs. Our designers have tailored gym pants that not only provide you comfort but also allow movement. But also keep your legs in shape with its skin-fitted shape. So, next time you go for your workout session, make sure you are not neglecting your legs and keeping them, all lose and fat. Tighten your thighs with our body shaper leggings and just do it!

Sculpt your Body

If you have a bulky body shape and you feel hesitant in wearing jeans or any other skin-fitted bottom then it’s time to transform your hesitation with confidence. Legging designers of Faboulish use fabric that keeps your body all in shape and tightens it within the leggings. No need to look for alternatives to hide your bulky legs. Wear your short knee-length dresses confidently and shape out the bulkiness of your thighs with our designer-made leggings. It’s time to transform your old-school styles and to try something bold this time. Look your best and forget about the rest!

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